Welcome to Irrenhaus

Welcome Survivors,

Irrenhaus proudly tells you that you can count on an experienced team of admins at this server.

We already gathered five years of experience in the term of being admins, which will give you a pleasant surprise if you enjoy a stable server performance, a reliable antihack software,  as well as custom-made clean-up-scripts and much more. In the following we will list up all our custom modifications which we thought might fit best in the apocalyptic scenario of DayZ Epoch without losing too much immersion. So we kept that game balance straight up.

Our server offers:

  • AI Missions
  • secure trading posts
  • Plotmanagement (includes Plot4life)
  • Snap/Vector Building
  • reliable antihack
  • FPS improvement for a stable framerate and much smoother gameplay achieved by custom-made clean-up-scripts and config parameters
  • animated heli crash-sites
  • custom map additions
  • probabillity controlled day-night cycle (with an additional vote-function for day/night)
  • additional cinder trader

If you feel interested, don’t hesitate and jump straight into the action by adding „Irrenhaus“ to the name filter in the DayZ Launcher –

or by manually connecting to our server with follwing IP:

Moreover there’s a Teamspeak if you’d like to communicate with other players and the admins. Feel free to join via the IP:

The friendly and reliable admins of Irrenhaus would be happy to see you around Chernarus at our server! Happy Hunting!

And don’t forget to loot dem beanz! 😉

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