Basic Rules:

  1. Glitching & Exploiting or Hacking will get you banned!
  2. Do not combat log!
  3. Do not grief intentionally!
  4. Do not be a pussy!
  5. Most of the problems can be solved easily by asking other players or google ⇒ Bothering the admin should never be the first idea!
  6. Respect the Admin and his decisions!

Safezone Rules:

  1. Do not camp the Tradercity!
  2. Do not steal!
  3. Do not park your vehicle there and log off!

Chat Rules:

  1. Do not use side chat for voice!
  2. Only use english and german in global chats!
  3. Do not insult!

Base Rules:

  1. Build your Base atleast 200m away from military loot.
  2. Do not build sky(flying) Bases!


In order to restore stuff or punishing other players for breaking rules, you need a proof for it, as we want to treat any player equally. You can give us a proof in form of screenshots, videos or numbers.

Our Hints for you are:

  • Always write Keynumbers down
  • Record your Gameplay
  • Make Screenshots if something is weird
  • Try to contact the admins quickly
  • Visit our TeamSpeak3 for solving problems